Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Congressman Rob Woodall Reveals Plan for Balanced Budget Amendment in Exclusive Interview with the Gwinnett Chamber

Woodall Gives Candid Feedback on Public Policy Issues Affecting Gwinnett Businesses

Gwinnett County, Metro Atlanta, Ga. (September 6, 2011) – The Gwinnett Chamber recently sat down with Congressman Rob Woodall for an exclusive interview on issues affecting Gwinnett businesses including the recent passage of the Budget Control Act. This legislation allows for the historic opportunity to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. Woodall also discussed other key issues including fostering economic growth by removing trade barriers and excessive government regulation that place an undue burden on American businesses.

Speaking to the Budget Control Act, Congressman Woodall made this comment, “I knew this was something we could use as a tool. For the first time in American history, we tied a debt ceiling increase to a dollar for dollar reduction in spending. I think that’s something that is going to stick with America.”

“The Budget Control Act not only puts a cap on future spending, it puts a Balanced Budget Amendment back on the table for the first time in fifteen years—and we will do it before the year’s end,” continued Congressman Woodall. “A Balanced Budget Amendment will be a huge-game changer for this country. However, my colleagues and I cannot do it alone. A Balanced Budget Amendment requires the full support of the American people in order to pass it in Congress with a two thirds majority and be sent to the States for ratification. Voters must rally and call on their leaders to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.”

Conducting the interview, Jann Moore, Senior Director of Public Policy and Education at the Gwinnett Chamber, also discussed other important issues with Congressman Woodall, which include removing trade barriers and excessive regulation of American businesses. On trade barriers, Congressman Woodall commented on the need to remove the barriers that make American companies want to relocate overseas. He then called on local business owners themselves to help make a difference.

“Local chambers are perfectly placed to bring rifle shot ideas,” said Congressman Woodall. “Your members are going to know more about their business than we ever will. We need these experts to bring their ideas to the forefront.”

Encouraging local business owners to get involved, Moore reiterated the importance of contacting your Senators and Representatives on business issues that matter, “Whether it is on the Balanced Budget Amendment, regulations that hinder your ability to do business or trade barriers, let your voice be heard.”

There are numerous opportunities for involvement in the Gwinnett Chamber’s Public Policy efforts. For more information, contact Jann Moore, Senior Director of Public Policy and Education, Gwinnett Chamber, at 678-672-2555 or jann@gwinnettchamber.org.

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