Monday, November 1, 2010


Excellence Through Innovation Task Force Explores Technology Advancements and Efficiencies to Take Gwinnett County Government to the Next Level

(Duluth, GA., Oct. 28, 2010) – One of the many findings released from Engage Gwinnett's 42-member citizens committee on the future of Gwinnett County in April 2010 was that technological improvement represents the best approach for allowing more to be done with less staff throughout Gwinnett County. As a direct result of this recommendation, the Gwinnett Chamber - in partnership with Gwinnett County - is pleased to announce that the Excellence Through Innovation Task Force held their first official meeting on October 21.

Excellence Through Innovation Task Force Co-Chair and President of Atlanta Education Fund Bill McCargo said that the mission of the Task Force is to identify and recommend approaches that will create additional governmental efficiencies. "This initiative is about taking our county government to the next level and achieving a standard of excellence that we know is within our reach."

In the coming months the Task Force, led by Co-Chairs Bill McCargo and Canvas Systems Founder Sean Murphy, will explore the many recommendations made by the Engage Gwinnett volunteer committee to increase effectiveness, efficiency and innovation through technological improvements. The public-private partnership also includes Task Force members Rick Allen, Gwinnett Medical Center; Sylvia Black, Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department; Phil Boudewyns, Gwinnett County Courts; Scott Futrell, Gwinnett County Public Schools; Michael Gerster, WIKA; Marian Lucia, retired from Freddy Mac, John Matelski, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners; Doug Meyer, Sage Software; Jann Moore, Gwinnett Chamber; Cindy Price, AT&T; Richard Steele, Gwinnett County Tax Commissioner's Office; Greg Talsky, Cisco; and Phil Ventimiglia, NCR. The Engage Gwinnett public involvement initiative is a partnership between Gwinnett County government and the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. The volunteer committee was formed in the fall of 2009 to study desired public services, revenues, and spending levels for the next five years.

"Through findings uncovered during the intense study conducted by the Engage Gwinnett volunteers, the Excellence Through Innovation Task Force has the opportunity to facilitate in the integration of new technologies that will not only help to make Gwinnett County more efficient, but also help to better serve its customers which are the citizens of Gwinnett County," said Murphy. "It is exciting to see the Engage Gwinnett recommendations come to life. Through the volunteer's specific recommendations to continue with technological improvements, Gwinnett County citizens can expect to see a more efficient government that is a model of excellence and innovation in the use of technology."

Gwinnett County Chief Information Officer and Director of Information Technology Services John Matelski, who will help guide the Task Force through the inner workings of the county's government, said that the Task Force will offer the opportunity to reflect on what they are doing well as a government. "The Task Force will help to identify what we should build on for the future and what we can do better in our technology and business operations."

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