Friday, August 6, 2010

Membership & Sponsorship Campaign: Don’t Let What Happens at the Chamber Stay at the Chamber

With over 250 events each year designed to help local businesses grow their networks and leadership skills while also cutting expenses and business costs, "don't let what happens at the Chamber, stay at the Chamber." This is what the casino-themed 2010 Membership and Sponsorship Campaign, kicking off on August 12 at the Gwinnett Chamber to achieve our goal of $715,000, will encourage team members to do during this year's campaign. The Gwinnett Chamber invites you to become a part of the Campaign and "go all in" to help spread awareness about the Chamber and to raise the funds to sustain programs for business development, community improvement and member services.

Those participating in the campaign are invited to attend the Kick-off Celebration, held on August 12 from 5:30-8:00 p.m. for Casino Night, where guests will enjoy free martinis, hors d'oeuvres, and prizes. The campaign, which will encourage participants to "Go all in" and "Not let what happens at the Chamber, stay at the Chamber," will run from August 2010 to January 2011 generating new members, programs and event sponsorships, selling advertisements in Chamber publications and raising awareness of the Gwinnett Chamber throughout the region.

The campaign will be carried out by Campaign Co-Chairs Derek Schwerzler with Stephen Gould Corporation and David Seago with Georgia Power, five vice chairs, 25+ corporate teams, 150+ team members; Gwinnett Chamber Board of Directors and Chamber staff. The volunteers are responsible for selling memberships, sponsorships and securing budget trades.

The campaign will continue through the fall at Reward Sessions held every other Thursday at various locations around the county, until the Victory Celebration in January 2011. These sessions will celebrate successes, pay out top cash incentives, and recognize the top producers. When the winning hands are revealed, the volunteers who generate $11,000 or more will celebrate their victory at the winner's table with the grand prize, which is a trip to Aruba.

"The Chamber's drive for memberships and sponsorships is so much more than just a campaign," said Campaign Co-Chair Derek Schwerzler. "In addition to supporting the growth and strength of the Chamber, the Campaign is a way for Chamber members to come together and support each other."

As a past winner of the victory trip, Schwerzler also noted that the trip to Aruba is a wonderful incentive. "The fun atmosphere and the trip incentive makes the Campaign that much more worthwhile for Chamber members," said Schwerzler.

Volunteers, like Sherwood McDuffie with SunTrust Bank, Laurie Garrard with Office Creations, Inc., Brad Carr with Andersen, Tate, & Carr, PC, Dorsey Grist with United Community Bank, Matt Hyatt with Rocket IT and Andrea Wehrmann with Gwinnett Medical Center will be working hard not only to win at trip to Aruba, but to raise the funds to sustain programs for business development, community improvement and member services.

In addition to raising funds for the Chamber, the Campaign also provides volunteers an opportunity to grow professionally, expand business and community contacts, and help the Gwinnett Chamber become even stronger and more vital for business in the future.

"The 2010 Membership and Sponsorship Campaign is an opportunity to be a part of something big," said 2010 Co-Chair David Seago. "By participating in the Campaign, you will have the opportunity to meet the region's top business leaders who are volunteering their efforts to advance the Chamber's mission and goals by raising funds to sustain vital chamber programs for business development, community improvement and member services."

"Go all in!," join a team today and learn how you can help your community while earning cash incentives and/or a trip to Aruba. In addition, to heighten your company's exposure during the campaign, you can also sponsor a campaign reward session or donate gifts to be used as door prizes for the volunteers. For more information, please contact Donna McBee at or 770-232-8810.

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