Monday, April 12, 2010

Metro Atlanta Council for Entrepreneurship: Grow Your Company by Empowering Leaders

Empower those around you and those you lead rather than OVERPOWER them." This is the goal that GiANT Impact President & CEO Jeremie Kubicek has for those attending the Metro Atlanta Council For Entrepreneurship's (MACE) second track of workshops. As a MACE strategic partner, GiANT Impact will be presenting the upcoming Leadership & Management track beginning on April 28 from 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. at the Gwinnett Chamber. The first workshop will feature GiANT Impact COO Linda Sasser who will be discussing how to develop a leadership culture for growth.

Commenting on Linda, Jeremie says that their COO is excellent at celebrating successes and showing empowerment. "Her style is very natural and fun. Her uniqueness comes out in her communication letting people know she is authentic, which is important when empowering and leading others around you."

Linda's enthusiasm for leadership began over 20 years ago as the small business owner of a franchised staffing firm in Austin, Texas. As the business quickly grew, Linda realized that she needed to focus less on the day-to-day demands of the business and more on its long-term success, which depended on her ability to develop leaders within her own organization. Her focus turned to building and leading a top-producing team and resulted in the Austin office growing to become among the top-ranked franchises in the company.

In 2004, Linda sold her small business and moved to Oklahoma City where she joined the franchised staffing firm's parent company. Serving as the franchisor's vice president of sales and marketing, she developed and grew several key programs that helped the company reach a record 1.9 billion in sales during her tenure. In addition to directing the corporation's sales and marketing efforts, Linda served as a frequent speaker at franchisee and client training events on the topics of leadership and team development.

Today Linda's leadership expertise reflects her experiences as both a small business owner and a corporate executive. She maintains leadership is not a technique, position, or title, but rather who you are, and stresses that it is the responsibility of current leaders to coach and develop each new generation. Over the years she has remained resolute in her belief that leadership isn't reserved for top-level executives or those with a title, but is open to anyone in any role with a heart for influencing and serving others.

Empowering others and leading those people to do the same, in the way that Linda does, Jeremie says will lead to growth for companies. "The paradox of overpowering leadership is that a controlling leader actually receives what they are most afraid of, lack of control. An empowering leader on the other hand brings peace, clarity, fun and results through giving control away."

Learn how to empower those you lead and develop a leadership culture for growth for your company at the April 28 MACE workshop. Register online at

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