Monday, September 14, 2009


Chairman Charles Bannister to Give Community's Outlook at September 16 General Membership Meeting

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and Presenting Sponsor Rocket IT will be hosting Chairman Charles Bannister and the Board of Commissioners for a special mid-year State of the County Address on September 16 at 11:30 a.m. at Gwinnett Center. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear the Board of Commissioners' vision and plan for partnering with the business community, citizens, and public sector partners to achieve the best solutions to collectively accomplish our long-term goals and keep our community competitive and among the best in the nation to live, work and play.

After experiencing a challenging year financially in 2008 and a rocky start to 2009, in the middle of a difficult recession, Gwinnett County is at an important crossroad.

Considering the economic hurdles faced by the County, Gwinnett remains a strong, dynamic county that has maintained a top-notch AAA credit rating for 11 years with roads, parks, libraries and public safety facilities built by the special purpose local option sales tax or SPLOST. When the nation climbs out of the recession, Gwinnett County has the opportunity to build on its history of success while maintaining the world-class quality of life that attracts thousands of new residents each year.

"Together we will weather this recession. I'm confident that life in Gwinnett will return to normal, but it will take some time and effort," said Bannister. "I look forward to coming together as a community to tackle these touch issue head-on and looking at the best ways to collectively accomplish our long-term goals."

With declining revenue streams and public opposition to both millage rate increases as well as cuts to popular services, Chairman Bannister will be discussing Engage Gwinnett: Citizens Committee on the Future of Gwinnett. The initiative is designed to bring the community together and intentionally and strategically involve stakeholder groups in making informed recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on desired county programs, services, revenues, and spending for the next five years.

"The challenges facing Gwinnett County are not unique. Communities across the nation are facing the same historic problems. But it's how we deal with these problems that makes Gwinnett unique," said Jim Maran, president & CEO, Gwinnett Chamber. "Gwinnett has a celebrated history of coming together as a community to tackle tough issues head-on. That's the secret to our success. Joining with our citizens and public and private sector partners through this committee is the best way to collectively accomplish our long-term goals."

The 2009 mid-year State of the County Address Presented by Rocket IT is also sponsored by Platinum Sponsor Gwinnett Medical Center; Gold Sponsor Merrill Lynch-David Cross; Silver Sponsor Olympus Media, LLC; and Media Sponsor Gwinnett Daily Post.

To learn how Gwinnett County will manage the enormous historic challenges brought about by the biggest economic crisis since World War II and to learn how you can help, reserve your seat at the Mid-Year State of the County Address by visiting

In addition, for the most up-to-date information on Engage Gwinnett, citizens can visit and follow Engage Gwinnett on Facebook and Twitter.

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